Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My official last day of the school year was to be June 14th.  However, on Wednesday, June 6th, I became a grandmother (hereinafter referred to as "Lolly") for the first time.  Lucy Rae made her debut 15 days early weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz. and measuring 18.5 inches long. Whenever asked about her, I seem to reply with the same words every time....She's PERFECT!

It's amazing how I can be entertained by watching her different facial expressions or simply sleeping.  I look at her and truly see the miracle of life.  I've been told on several occassions that "lollihood" is so much different than motherhood and I just couldn't grasp how or why. Now that I've entered into Lollihood, I get it. I don't have to care for little Lucy's needs 24/7, her feedings, burpings or changings. I can simply love and enjoy her. Don't misunderstand me, I would care for her needs if I needed to, but she has been blessed with two amazing parents who are doing a wonderful job.  Therefore, I simply love.

My heart melts at the sight of her. I find myself smiling at the thought of her. And the funny thing is....Lucy doesn't have a clue.

I lift my voice to the LORD and thank him for this little bundle of life that He has blessed me with. Lucy is confirmation to me that big blessings can come in small packages.

Lolly loves you little Lucy!


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